Ash Eating Ice-Cream in Malta
Me, Eating Ice-cream in Malta


Thanks for dropping by, you’ve made it to my blog! I’m Ash, if you hadn’t already made that connection.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety, like most people, but more recently I have found myself in a anxious cycle which sometimes last for up to a full week. One of my issues, among a few others, is that I don’t spend enough time on bettering myself and giving myself a purpose.

With the start of this blog, I will share my activities and other helpful things that can help prevent my anxiety issues as well as re-purposing the energy that fuels it.

I know I’m not the only one that suffers from anxiety or panic attacks but if there are blog readers out there that can find my journey helpful, that will most definitely make me happy.

This is my journey, stick around and enjoy the ride!


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