Fun Things To Do In Houston

Charlotte and I will be heading to Houston (Texas) in less than a month and being as excited as we are, we have been checking out the things to do when we get there. Apart from the food, which is a pretty big deal to me (fatty), there is a lot to see and activities to get involved with. Rather than keep it to myself, I thought I would share the fun things to do in Houston that we plan to do in September (in no particular order).


NASA Space Center

This is probably my pick of the holiday, I’m not space person but you just have to visit the NASA Museum when in Houston… Just like you have to see Big Ben or the Tower of London when you visit London. The attractions, exhibits and artifacts are designed to engage both adults and children which relate to the exciting future and past of the USA’s human space-flight program.

We will probably pay when we get there, but you can pay online before you visit which costs $29.95 for adults.



Museum District

We love a good museum and the Museum District in Houston offers 19 different museums that are all fairly close to each other (not that anything is close to anything in the USA). It is split into 4 zones, which contains museums such as; Houston Center for Photography, Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Holocaust Museum Houston and Houston Museum of Natural Science.

For me this is like a selection box that you get at Christmas (any excuse to talk about food). It has some of the things you like but then you get the other things that you might not think to do but end up really finding interesting. A happy accident, to quote Bob Ross

Each of the museums have their own admission policy, so you would need to check each one of them to find out about costs. You can find all of the information on the Houston Museum District website,




Houston Zoo

It’s actually within the Museum District but I think it’s worth a separate mention (plus I had already decided it was going in the list, so here it is). The zoo has more than 6,000 animals (or as they call them, residents) and they have more than two million visitors. When we visit, we will see; Gorillas, Elephants, Orangutans, Rhino’s, Birds, Reptiles and more! I honestly can’t wait, we love a zoo (when I say we, I do mean me also but I am pretty sure no-one like it as much as Charlotte – she is like a kid in a sweet shop!).

Once again, we will probably pre-book on their website and the admission fee for adults is $22.95 and kids cost $19.95.

You can pay separately to feed the Giraffe’s, which is an extra $7 which we will definitely be doing.




Typhoon Texas

It’s a water park. With slides and water, which is fun and necessary because Texas is hot! We go at a time when the park is out heading out of season and the prices are a little steep. Compare the $19.99 each during the summer, to the $38.99 that it will be in September. We may, or may not go but if you are visiting during the main summer months, it looks like good fun.

We don’t know which one but we will shoot a gun before we leave Texas. If you leave Texas without having shot a gun, you have failed at life and should never be allowed to re-enter the USA. I’m not a maniac or a gun fanatic but I watch enough American TV shows to know it looks badass.




Kayaking/Rafting in Galveston

Is it bad that I thought Texas was landlocked? Well, it turns out there is water in the form of the Gulf of Mexico. You can go Kayaking there, we will be going on the Artist boat which looks like good fun. I think there is a few companies there that you can go with, so we will just decide when we get there.

It costs around $50 for a two hours and $75 for three to four hour adventures with one of the companies.


In Summary

In Summary lots of fun stuff to do! We are very excited!

I will be doing a bit of a review of my holiday when I am back so watch this space to see what we thought about everything we do!

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