Picture for a Goat at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
One, of many goats at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm


My Trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

So I was trying to come up with an idea for a first blog post, it’s been difficult because where do you start? As I was cycling through ideas I decided to go with our recent trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, near Bristol. I’ve actually lived around 20 minutes away for 11 years and this was my first visit believe it or not. Charlotte is partial to a zoo and the weather was glorious, so it seemed like a no brainer.

We scanned our tickets at the entrance which we pre-bought online and were greeted by two very friendly staff, asking us if we wanted to buy animal food to feed the animals with. I said no to begin with because we wanted to get a coffee first… Charlotte wasn’t pleased with this. During our coffee, little birds were landing on the table, at our feet and on the benches which was amazing. The birds were so friendly and unfazed by humans, it was a cool start to the day.

The bird enclosure was first, walking through an enclosure with chickens and ducks roaming free and most likely expecting food from the visitors. The standout bird in the enclosure was the peacock, which had beautiful and vivid blue, green and yellow colours.

Next stop, Camels. You can feed them! We didn’t, because we didn’t buy the food (as I was constantly reminded about by Charlotte). They are so big in real life, it was my first experience seeing one in the flesh and they were impressive.

Following the Camels was a lifetime supply of goats, which led us to the very large enclosure housing three elephants. Did you know they dust themselves to protect their skin from sun rays? Just like using sun lotion I guess… We liked the elephants, and I got a pretty cool video of one of them knocking the barrel of food about because he wanted to serve himself bigger portions! I posted it on my Instagram feed.

Charlotte approached the bear enclosure, stood by the window and one of them stood on its back legs and put his paws up on the glass, with Charlotte’s hands on the other side. It was quite cute, but I’m sure if the glass wasn’t there it wouldn’t have been quite as magical.

Another moment for Charlotte, she got to feed the giraffe’s some leaves. It cost us £2.00 but it all goes to a good cause and Charlotte soon forgot about the lack of animal food that she was blaming me for earlier in the trip.

We also visited the reptiles, sheep, cows and other amazing species which I will leave to the imagination as it really is worth a visit.

You have to take a packed lunch or picnic! Not because they don’t serve food, but because after all of the walking it was really nice to sit down on the grass and take in all of those countryside views… and relax your feet from the long walk as we did.

That was about it, what an incredible day!


Noah’s Ark have a huge amount of space to park but some of it is closer than others. They have disabled spaces closer to the zoo, so if you have your necessary badge you can get as close as you can. Parking is FREE, which may seem normal but it isn’t. We have been to quite a few zoos and believe it or not, some of them have parking fees.



We decided to book online because it offered 10% off the admission price of buying tickets at the entrance. The booking process was very simple and you are emailed with your tickets which contains a bar code which is scanned upon entry.

We payed £18.00 each (August 2018) which was discounted from the £20.00, if you decided to pay when you get there.


What Animals Do they have?

The amount of different species of animal was impressive, don’t let the “farm” part of the title fool you… that said, there were quite a few goats but thats fine because goats are awesome.

They had Lions, Tigers and Bears (OH MY!)… as well as snakes, lizards, birds, elephants, camels and llamas. Did I say they had goats?!


Picture of a Bear at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
The Bear that High Tenned Charlotte at Noah’s Ark


How big is the zoo farm?

Big… I would say it took around 3 hours for us to leisurely stroll through each of the animal enclosures, with a couple of sit down and ice cream breaks in between. There were plenty of seating areas and places to have a drink throughout the park so we could stop almost whenever we felt like it.

The animals have so much space to roam in their enclosures here and the country side setting is just breathtaking.


What else do they do?

You can book parties for children, which has a play area and other fun things for kids. You can do the keeper experience, where you see what happens behind the curtain and get closer than anybody else to the animals in a one-on-one setting.


Repeat visit?

Definitely. The place is evolving and growing as we speak, there was a new owl sanctuary being constructed on our visit which they expect to be finished soon. From the news I see they are always trying to bring in fresh animal faces for the loving public to see and I will return to see them with no doubts.






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